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Nikki Chicotel
Owner and Principal

Nikki is the owner and principal of PCMA.

She’s worked in the investment industry since 1968, holding positions in management, trading, compliance and portfolio management. She co-founded PCMA  in 2003 with the passion and drive to provide clients with the kind of outstanding and responsive service that can be offered only by an independent company.

Twenty years prior to co-founding PCMA, she worked at Van Kasper & Company, a private investment bank and brokerage.  She was a Branch Office Manager and later promoted to Vice President. In 1998, First Security Bank bought Van Kasper and Nikki was promoted to Senior Vice President.

Nikki is a graduate of the Dorsey Wright Advanced Broker Institute ( and is a specialist in the Point & Figure method of technical analysis. She has managed portfolios using this method since 1986. She lives in El Granada, California.

"I want clients to be pleased and even surprised with our services. Just being satisfied isn’t enough. My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that our clients appreciate the good work we’ve done for them over the years."
- Nikki Chicotel